The FLTR Community

W H A T    I S   

T H E    F L T R    C O M M U N I T Y ? 

The FLTR Community is a group of people on a mission to encourage
Full Life Through Relationships in our community. 
From that passion came the for profit coffeeshop,  FLTR Coffee,
which has been a bright spot in Langford Village since 2017.

Is The FLTR Community a church?

At its core The FLTR Community is a micro-church (part of Journey Communities), as we believe full life comes through a relationship with Jesus, each other and in loving service to our neighbours. 

We meet on Sundays and in smaller groups throughout the week to deepen those relationships.

The FLTR Community meets:


FLTR Community


Upcoming Events:

Games Nights

Future dates:

14 Dec, 11 Jan, 25 Jan

Create Night

Future dates: 

18 Jan, 15 Feb

Langford Community Events

Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups

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We continue to look for ways to blend resources and energy to help people find full life. Follow our Instagram page TheFLTRcommunity to get involved and learn more about our after-hours events.

To find out more about our events head to our Instagram page, stop in at FLTR to ask us or email

To find out more about our church network:

There's always room at the table.
Please just turn up, we'd love to meet you!